Differences in Male and Female Hair Lines

Some variants between male and female bone structure are obvious, whereas others are more subtle but make the overall difference, such as the hair line placement.

Largely, men have longer and larger faces compared to women, the male bone structure is generally squarer, and sharper corners for example the jaw and neck line; a woman the features are softer, more rounded

Variants In Male and Female Hair Line Designs

Variants In Male and Female Hair Line Designs

The hairline for a man appears further back than a woman, giving the appearance of a larger forehead. The hairline is also more rounded for a female which further reduces the appearance of the forehead

The central apex of the hair line is generally lower with men but the corners or temporal area is higher and creates a more square shape, like an “M” shape; this is accentuated as male hair loss starts to increase the angle between the apex and the temporal region

When reconstructing a male or female hair line theses basic principles must be adhered to otherwise the hair line will not complement the bone structure of the individual and look unnatural

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