Why Do I Suffer From Hair Loss?


There are many causes of hair loss, some we cause ourselves, traction, chemical damage; others we cannot predict, medical complications, stress induced and genetics, such as Androgenic alopecia

Androgenic alopecia, also known as Male Pattern Baldness, and Female Pattern Baldness, especially MPB affects the vast majority of men over their life time; the extent of the hair loss can be assessed by family history but only a rough guide

Male Pattern Baldness Is Progressive, from minor to advanced hair loss

Male Pattern Baldness Is Progressive, from minor to advanced hair loss

It is considered that MPB is connected to testosterone, the male hormone, when combined with an active enzyme creates DHT and triggers Male Pattern Baldness; certain follicles begin to atrophy, become smaller and the growth rate slows down to eventually no hair grows; this occurs over the top of the head

This is generally slow but can start in the late teens but can also start later in life, so any thoughts of hair restoration need to be considered seriously; there is no reason to begin restoration if it cannot be completed

If hair loss is caused by a genetic disposition then there are a number of ways to treat, dependent on the Norwood scale and when you decide hair loss has become a concern

For many the first option is to try medical treatments, FDA approved treatments can in the majority of individuals help to stabilise hair loss and even improve the calibre of hair that has miniaturised

Another option for the right candidate is surgical hair restoration; but the timing is crucial to ensure over time successful restoration can be completed, especially as hair loss progresses. Choosing the timing, the correct hair restoration technique, FUE or FUT are important aspects to consider and the long term well-being for the right candidate

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