Can I Restore My Crown First With A Hair Transplant?

Can I Restore My Crown First?

Many feel crown restoration is considered second and unimportant, especially considering the frontal and mid-sections of the scalp. This is partly due to the frontal areas are generally the first to recede and lose hair; and as the hair line frames the face and has a large impact on our look it is given priority

Hair transplants to treat the crown or vertex

Hair transplants to treat the crown or vertex

Some men keep a relatively intact frontal area, relatively minor recession points that do not accentuate the size of the forehead; but instead the hair loss is more aggressive over the crown or vertex area

The crown can expand on all sides, moving forward, backward and down both sides, it can open at quite a pace making it difficult to track; also the surface area can be large with not much difference to the frontal and mid-sections combined

Due to the nature the hair lays in the crown and coupled with the surface area the crown can require a large number of grafts; eating into the finite resources of the donor hair

The majority of men who suffer advanced loss have to compromise on the coverage or hair density placed in the crown, not being able to achieve the same density as the frontal areas

If the crown is treated first it can complicate future restoration; if too high a density is placed it will require more grafts than is safe, if treated to early the area around can open leaving an island of hair that was transplanted; this will require further options to cover these areas and make cosmetically natural

If the crown is treated too early and the frontal areas start to recede then there will potentially not be the supply to repair the frontal areas and meet the crown unless an unnaturally high hair line is placed

With the onset of thinning the best initial option is possibly hair retention medications; if caught early enough they can preserve the growth of the hair so hair loss is not obvious; even if not treated early it may be a good option and plan restoration with this in mind

The crown is an important area and not forgotten but due to limitations with surgical hair restoration common sense and planning are vital


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