Do Hair Transplant Grafts Fall Out?

Post operation a thin crust will cover the transplanted area and it is possible to see the hair shaft that has been placed. The grafts are at their most vulnerable for about the first 3-4 days while they fuse with the skin tissue and vascular system

Follicular Units divided into the natural groups in a holding solution

Follicular Units divided into the natural groups in a holding solution

Certainly by 10 days the grafts are firmly placed and is now part of the area they have been placed; the recipient area

There is a difference between the hair and the hair follicle and due to the natural trauma of being removed, held in a holding solution and then replaced the hair actually can dislodge from the FU

Over the first month post-operation it is therefore common when washing the hair and cleaning the scalp the short hairs come off in your hands, to the point that by 30 days almost all the hair has shed

This is quite normal and should not cause any concern; concern should be given, especially in the first week if the hair seems to fall but the site bleeds as this could be the actual follicular unit that has become dislodged

Over the coming months the hair starts to regrow in varying hair growth cycles, so a result is achieved over time as more hair grows back. The hair will not lose the genetic characteristics it had before grafting. After the growth has completed and the hair matured the FU will follow the same pattern of growth, resting and shedding as non-transplanted hair would over the lifetime of the FU


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