Why Can´t I Have The Hair Line Designed Where I Want?

Why Can´t I Have The Hair Line Designed Where I Want?

Ensuring the correct design of the hair line

Ensuring the correct design of the hair line

Hair line placement is an important factor when designing and undergoing surgical hair restoration. It requires planning and taking into account the natural physical features of the face

When older and a high Norwood pattern of hair loss for many years it is not uncommon to be happy to settle for a conservative hair line as it will still frame the face; when younger with less aggressive hair loss the memories are vivid with a desire to return back to before

As a hair transplant relies on a finite resource of hair and hair loss, male pattern baldness can be hard to predict to what extent it will continue there are going to be limitations as to what can be achieved

As the hair line can require around 20% of the possible donor hair of a good candidate the placement is vital to ensure a balanced coverage and natural density can be sustain as hair loss progresses

Not just the placement but design, the temporal recessions must be higher than the central apex of the hair line on a man; on the right candidate they can be closed but must still give the traditional “M” shape line every man has

There is often a compromise between the individual and doctor as to the placement; invariably the individual almost always will want the hair line lower than is advised, and if a compromise is necessary it is important to understand and agree with the reasons otherwise you may be disappointed when the hair grows out

The framing of the face does not need to be aggressive to achieve a good cosmetically agreeable look and remove the look of losing hair; the fact the face is framed makes a large difference to a person´s appearance

On good candidates with strong donor hair characteristics even with advanced hair loss it is possible to be a little more aggressive but it should also be taken into consideration that every man matures and the hair line receded a little, even if MPB is not present

Fixing a too low or adolescent hair line even on a man of age or an individual who does not have advanced hair loss can appear unnatural; as we age the hair line remains totally static and may not fit the changes in our features

As the hair line is usually the first aspect anyone sees it has to comply with certain rules of nature and balanced with any hair loss pattern behind; it is always important to be mindful that although you may have the hair transplant today, the results are for your life time


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