Graft Numbers


The number of grafts or follicular units required depends largely on the surface area to treat but also aspects such as the donor hair characteristics, hairs per FU, hair colour, hair curly and the hair calibre

The hair line will require a higher number of grafts pro rata compared to the frontal third and mid-section where the grafts can be spread a little further apart at a lower density because the hair line is made of single hair units and behind multiple hair units, 2, 3, and 4 hair follicular groupings

Treating A Higher Norwood Scale Hair Loss Pattern. Maximum Coverage And Donor Management 4039 Grafts

Treating A Higher Norwood Scale Hair Loss Pattern. Maximum Coverage And Donor Management 4039 Grafts

Hair characteristics will impact on the graft numbers required, the better the hair characteristics the fewer grafts required to cover the surface area, for example low hair and skin colour contrast will help to reduce the graft numbers required

There are also technical methods that can be utilised to maximise the coverage with the minimum number of grafts required; the angle the graft is placed will add or reduce the coverage the hair shaft gives over the scalp

Watching the hair shaft curvature so each hair placed lays the same direction, ideally downwards, adding to the look of fullness of the result, with good characteristics this can potentially allow for 20-30% more coverage from the same amount of grafts

Donor management is an important facet of hair transplantation; getting the most out of the donor area with depleting the donor to an unsafe level, but also to reach the result for the patient with the minimum graft numbers required

As hair loss advances the demand for grafts increases; if a high % of the donor has been placed in a relatively small surface area this will reduce the overall natural looking coverage that can be achieved

With careful planning even advanced hair loss can be treated with a minimum number of grafts; a Norwood 5 or 6 can require around 8000 grafts but using the resources available and with educated protocols in place it is possible to achieve restoration with around 5-7000 grafts

A clear plan needs to be made between the individual and the doctor to ensure both mutually agree on the strategy and design; hair line placement, number of grafts per procedure, number of procedures required to achieve the laid out goals

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