Hair Transplant Results And Reviews

Comments and questions made by those either looking to have a hair transplant or hair transplant veterans who have already undergone surgery, not necessarily by Hattingen Hair Transplantation


Hattingen Hair Transplantation Results

Hattingen Hair Transplantation Results

3680 Grafts Hair Transplant Result

“awesome result, you guys put out alot of good work,love seeing the transformations.”




4954 Grafts FUT. Before & Grown Out Result. Hattingen Hair, Switzerland5954 Grafts Hair Transplant Result

“This has totally transformed his appearance face on for the better. Framing the face with a new hairline has to be the best part of Hairtransplantation imo.”


Before & After Face3152 Grafts Hair Transplant Result

“Exceptional!…..the huge smile says it all”



BEFORE AND AFTER TOP ELEVATION7305 Grafts Hair Transplant Result

“awsome result, great job by doc and staff”


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