Regret Having A Hair Transplant?

There are potentially many reasons to regret undergoing surgical hair restoration, a hair transplant procedure. Some may be based around not meeting your personal goals even if performed to a high standard; others may be due to poor execution of the surgical procedure

A hair transplant can be a life changing event, good but also unfortunately bad if all the parameters are not taken into consideration and the pros and cons of a hair transplant not considered and understood

A hair transplant is one, not a miracle cure for hair loss; treating minor hair loss will not stop hair loss from progressing behind the treated area and if advances aggressively will leave an unnatural pattern of hair growth

Regret Your Decision? Try To Minimise The Risk

Regret Your Decision? Try To Minimise The Risk

With the on-set of hair loss at a young age it can be traumatic and the desire to “fix” the problem with a permanent solution is often the first idea. The hair loss can be minor, literally the start of the hair line miniaturising or slightly maturing, and this should not be treated with surgical hair restoration

In this case the first available option should be medications; there are 3 FDA approved treatments to treat hair loss, results will vary from person to person and continued use is required to maintain any result achieved

The number of grafts required covering a surface area; some individuals like to hear and talk about big graft numbers as if the more grafts used are better, but not the truth. Placing a too high number of grafts in an area will not only potentially mean a lower growth rate or yield is achieved but also the donor hair depleted totally unnecessarily and not leaving enough donor for future potential hair loss

It is not pleasant to speak of but as in many walks of life there are more ethical people than others and due care should be taken when researching to qualify any of the credentials, results and statements made; do not just take the word that everything is truthful, especially when every question ask has a positive response

When researching take time, speak to as many clinics as possible, try to meet or at least talk to previous patients, do not fall for marketing and sales, an ethical clinic will not have to push you into a decision

The technique required, be it either FUE or FUT; both have pluses and minuses and the technique to use should not be considered by design, or preference or popularity but by technical fact; each patient will have different characteristics and these should be taken into account when deciding on the best technique that should be employed

Deciding on the wrong technique to start with can impact on the long term happiness and how the donor safe zone is managed, especially when hair loss advances to a high stage and the donor cannot manage the demand due to due to previous poor harvesting protocols

Understand what can be achieved with a hair transplant; do not try to convince yourself otherwise that you can beat nature, because you cannot. A hair transplant cannot replace like for like hair lost for example and relies on technical ability to create look of fullness

Be open with the doctor, aspects such as how you intend to style your hair, long, short will impact on the result and can mean happiness or regret. A hair transplant relies on a minimum hair length to allow each hair to cover over the adjacent hairs and ultimately block the visibility of the scalp giving the illusion of density

A hair transplant can be a positive life changing experience, limit the chances of failure by ensuring you research as much as possible, make decisions based on logic and fact, do not allow yourself to be “sold” or emotionally influenced and if it all seems too good to be true, it probably is


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