How To Maximise Graft Numbers


On high Norwood scale hair loss patterns the demand for hair from the donor area is high, anything from 4000 to 7000 grafts and more can be required to cover the surface area from the hair line to the crown

For the average candidate total coverage, even with a reduced density over the crown is not always possible and a second or third procedure may be required assuming the donor characteristics allow to gain the final result

How To Improve Scalp Laxity For FUT Hair Transplants

How To Improve Scalp Laxity For FUT Hair Transplants

It is possible to maximise the graft numbers by a simple exercise that can improve the skin or scalp laxity in the donor area, thus allowing for a wider strip to be removed using the FUT hair transplant technique and still maintain and neat closure of the strip line

The FUT relies on removing a linear strip from the donor area, the sides and back of the scalp. A person with average characteristics will be able to achieve 3500-4000 graft in a single procedure but this can be improved with scalp laxity exercises to over 5000 grafts

Find the area that has the ridge running along the back of your head, occipital and clasp your hands and place on the back of your head, then the same with the sides, pull your hands toward your forehead and back down, while at the same time moving your scalp up and down

Ensure enough pressure is applied to move your scalp, not just your hair; perform the exercise for 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening. Ideally for maximum effect start the exercises at least 6 months prior to your surgery

Scalp laxity exercises on the right candidate with extensive hair loss can mean the difference between achieving total coverage and natural density in one procedure, opposed to multiple operations, saving you time & money


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