What Is A Front Loaded Hair Transplant?


A hair transplant relies on hair being moved from the sides and back of the scalp and redistributed over the top of the head in areas of hair loss, called the recipient area. The amount of hair that can be moved varies from person to person

Achieve A Balanced Coverage And Not Front Loaded

Achieve A Balanced Coverage And Not Front Loaded

It is impossible to replace like for like hair lost and the donor area must be kept in the best possible condition with little signs hair has been removed. As the donor is finite the distribution of hair into the recipient area is crucial

The density required to be placed into the recipient area will depend greatly on the hair characteristics but there is a minimum density required to create enough shadow to block the light hitting the scalp

A protocol of a hair transplant should be to make the maximum impact and natural result with the minimum number of grafts for the patient; not to use the entire donor or waste hair when it is not necessary

The hair line will require the highest density and pro rata per surface area the frontal area will use more grafts than the mid-section; so the distribution is vital to not use too many grafts in the area and greatly deplete the donor

Also to not design a hair line that is too low only for hair loss to progress and increasing the total surface area that need to be treated; this can mean loading the majority of the donor area over the frontal third and into the mid-section and still leaving the same surface area to treat but not having the donor to achieve a meaningful restoration

Placing too high a density, over that is required can not only use vital donor resources but can reduce the yield or growth that is achieved when the hair transplant has grown out.

Front loading a hair transplant is never a good idea, it does not make for a cosmetically balanced result, especially if hair loss progresses to a high Norwood stage, it will look unnatural and even if a natural result can be achieved use more grafts than is necessary


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