How Much Time-Off After A Hair Transplant?

How Much Time-Off Work After A Hair Transplant?

The simple answer is the more the merrier, giving you tie to relax, the healing process mature and less visible signs you have undergone any surgical procedure; but there are obvious limits individuals have in taking time out of their lives

It is an important part when deciding on hair restoration to allow time post operation, not something you should rush into just because you have a spare weekend available; you should have spent a good time researching and certainly financial so it is important you protect your investment

Hair Transplant Recipient Area

Hair Transplant Recipient Area Post Operation

Immediately post operation there will be a crust or scabbing over the area the grafts have been placed; the crusting will fall off with washing and shampooing over the first two weeks post-op

The recipient area, dependent on the size of the procedure and how much native hair still remains; this may need to be shaved to ensure a necessary density is placed; shaving can obviously leave an odd pattern of hair growth but can be hidden under some type of hat, cap; if shaving is not required then possibly some creative hair styling can hide

The donor area where the hair has been removed from will depend on the method of extraction, either by Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE, or Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT as the methods differ in the harvesting of hair

FUT will leave a fine sutured or stapled line in the donor, with not too much hair length this cannot be seen unless the hair is raised, so can be easily hidden; the sutures or staples will need to be removed around 10-15 day mark

FUE requires the donor hair to be shaved to a very minimum length so the follicular units can be punched out; this leaves small cylindrical punch marks that crust over; they heal relatively quickly and to most people´s eye are almost all gone by 2 weeks, and as the hair grows longer covered

Once the scalp is clean and free of crusting the transplanted hair remains but normally falls out around the end of the first month; the scalp will be a little pink still from the procedure and the use of treatments can help to speed the skin healing process

There is to think of your general well-being also, a hair transplant is a relatively minor surgical procedure but it is best to rest a little; this time should be planned beforehand, it´s likely you will not wish to venture out too much so have things to occupy your time at home

Some may take the opportunity to combine with a stay away, a holiday, but remember that overt exercise and sun are to be avoided, so if the case plan a relaxing not too energetic or beach/sun holiday

Most individuals find that around two weeks can suffice before getting back to some regular routine, obviously some depends on the job an individual holds but it is important to discuss with your doctor and take the advice you are given


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