Why Does It Take So Long For A Hair Transplant Result?

A hair transplant is a minor surgical procedure but still a surgical procedure with skin and hair healing that has to go through stages before the skin and hair has fully healed and matured; the majority of candidates this is around the 12 months mark, repair cases can take a little longer

Tiny recipient sites are made, generally between 0.6-1.0mm; even though the incision is micro scarring will still occur between the graft placed and the sides of the tissue; combined with the varying growth cycles the follicular units are removed in

It is not uncommon for the hairs to grow with a different calibre, can be overtly coarse, sometimes with a kink and even pigmentation changes to the native growing hairs in the donor and recipient

The skin tissue can take months to heal, on the surface it may appear the healing has taken a few months, but internally much longer; it is not uncommon under magnification to see improvements in healing over 12 months in some areas

Over the following months more hairs starts to regrow, with stages of progression generally seen at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months and at the same time the hair matures to resemble the native hair

Today the majority of candidates will receive a result by 12 months, with improved techniques and tools such as custom-made blades for the recipient sites; but it should not be a major concern if this takes longer as every individual has different healing properties and these are not always obvious at the time of the surgery

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