Minimum Grafts and Maximum Coverage

As a hair transplant cannot replace like for like hair lost it takes great skill and artistic understanding to be able to achieve total coverage from hair line to crown and a density that appears perfectly natural

The donor area around the sides and back of the scalp is a finite source of hair; protocols must be in place to maximise correct donor management to achieve the best from the donor hair whilst maintaining the quality of the scalp

As a hair transplant relies heavily on the illusion of more hair than there is using the natural hair characteristics to achieve the best result possible is vital; in conjunction with skills in the placement and distribution of the follicular units

Achieving Maximum Coverage With Minimum Grafts. 4920 FUT Hair Transplant Result

Achieving Maximum Coverage With Minimum Grafts. 4920 FUT Hair Transplant Result

When planning to restore a high Norwood stage, NW4 and above then planning is important to ensure a balanced and natural coverage can be achieved, especially if hair loss progresses; the first aspect to calculate is the quality of the donor hair. Follicular unit density, average hairs per FU, hair characteristics can be measured to ascertain in one procedure and future procedures how many grafts can be safely harvested

A hair line can be designed according to the donor qualities to ensure a balanced natural coverage can be achieved in a single procedure; in some cases although a consistent density cannot be achieved restoration can be accomplished in a single procedure

Graft distribution is a key element in gaining the required density whilst preserving the donor; using the larger, multiple hair follicular units in strategic areas to block the light reflection and maximise coverage

Using the natural hair characteristics to the maximum will allow for better coverage to be achieved; curlier hair gives better volume, a low contrast between hair and skin colour reduces the need for a higher density to be placed

Controlling the natural curvature of the hair shaft can allow in some cases for up to 30% more coverage being achieved; this can make the difference on a high NW patient from gaining total restoration and requiring future procedures

The principle of a hair transplant should not be to exhaust the donor resources to achieve a result but to use the qualities available and with skills achieve the result with the minimum number of grafts


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