What´s The Minimum Age To Have A Hair Transplant?


There is no definitive age when to have or not undergo a hair transplant, or surgical hair restoration; whether or not an individual makes a suitable hair transplant candidate is determined by a number of factors

Age is obviously a large factor to consider; the younger the individual the harder it can be to predict the progression of hair loss and the stability of the donor hair, quality and size of the donor area safe zone

When younger with the first signs of hair loss it can be traumatic and effect one´s self confidence; a natural if not correct reaction can be to look for what is perceived as a cure to the hair loss and restore the hair back to before thinning commenced

The Initial Signs Of Hair Loss And When To Consider Surgical Hair Restoration

The Initial Signs Of Hair Loss And When To Consider Surgical Hair Restoration

In the early 20´s hair calibre and quality can slightly alter compared to the later teens; this should be not mistaken for hair loss; this is just a natural genetic progression of age and maturing

Treating minimal hair loss at a younger age with a hair transplant can create greater problems at a later date; minor hair line or temporal recession hair loss should first be tackled if a concern with hair loss medications, or which 3 have FDA approval

If hair loss does start early there is a likelihood that over time the pattern of hair loss will spread to a higher Norwood stage, to fix a low hair line can result in an unnatural pattern of hair growth in the future

As consuming as hair loss can be for many young men before considering any type of hair restoration or prevention it is important to understand what each type of restoration can offer, and the pros and cons

A sustainable result must be considered the priority as it is impossible to know how the hair loss will progress over time and when it will stop; it is possible and not uncommon that men in their mid-thirties keep a good head of hair with minor thinning but by the mid 40´s become a higher Norwood hair loss sufferer

Correct donor management will ensure a sustainable result can be achieved even if hair loss progresses aggressively; assessing the donor qualities and then planning from the first procedure can ensure an individual’s long term happiness

A hair transplant is not a cure for hair loss and should not be thought of as such; the donor area safe zone is a finite resource of hair and the supply must be gauged against the demand in the recipient area, not just today but in the future; there is definitive age as there are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration; but a long term plan should be the priority and not short term “cure” looked for

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