What Is The Maximum Hair Density With A Hair Transplant?

As the donor hair safe zone is a finite resource and it is impossible to replace like for like hair lost one of the arts of a hair transplant procedure is to mimic the look of a full head of hair by using the natural hair characteristics and placing a density high enough to block the light

Prior to hair loss hair density can be around 80 to 100 follicular units per cm²; if this was attempted with a hair transplant the donor resources would be depleted in a short time and over a small surface area

Treating Advanced Hair Loss And Placing A Hair Density Necessary To Block The Reflection Of Light

Treating Advanced Hair Loss And Placing A Hair Density Necessary To Block The Reflection Of Light

Hair loss starts to become apparent when we have lost approximately 40-50% of the hair in the recipient area and the scalp becomes visible between the hairs; due to this a hair transplant can place a density greatly lower to was originally growing and still maintain the look of fullness, even over a large surface area or high Norwood scale hair loss individual


Placing a higher than required hair density can have two complications

  1. It is not necessary and will deplete the donor hair unnecessarily
  2. Can reduce the graft survival rate and impair skin healing due to complications with the blood supply

Other complications can be more severe such as skin necrosis

The hair line will require the highest density placed due to the use of single hair follicular units in the first few cm´s of the hair line. This is necessary to create a soft natural hair line opposed to a thick or pluggy wall of hair

Multiple hair follicular units are then strategically distributed over the remaining area to best block the reflection of light and gain the greater appearance of fullness or density; the distribution is thought out and not random to achieve the best result

By definition multiple hair FU´s have more hairs, between 2-4 usually so a lower density can be placed and still maintain the look of fullness. Hair characteristics will play an important role in the required density; curly hair creates more volume when the hair is grown out so a fuller look

When researching and having hair consultations with doctors it is prudent to ask the approximate density will be required to gain the coverage and natural looking fullness; and how the estimation is calculated, does it take into account hair characteristics

It is not necessarily the highest number cited that is the best or required to achieve a natural result so do not be drawn into the feeling that more is always better; an art of a hair transplant is to use the finite donor supply efficiently and conservatively but to be able to achieve a natural looking head of hair even on an individual with advanced hair loss


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