Hair Transplant Results And Reviews

Comments and questions made by those either looking to have a hair transplant or hair transplant veterans who have already undergone surgery, not necessarily by Hattingen Hair Transplantation

Before & After 5154 FUT5154 FUT Hair Transplant Result

“wow, what a awesome transformation, great job by doc and staff”



4561 FUT Hair Transplant Result4561 FUT Hair Transplant Result

“Nice transformation.

 Love the full face photos, shows a real confidence that they have and gives good perspective.”


3212 FU´s via FUT. 12 Months Post Op. Hattingen Hair, Switzerland3212 FUT Hair Transplant Result

“Actually this is one of the best results I have ever seen when it comes to thickness and density with what I would consider to be a low amount of grafts.”


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