How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost?

Cost is always an issue when thinking about a hair transplant; and it is important to understand how the costs are broken down, as clinic protocols may vary.

Some clinics may charge a flat rate where others may charge per graft or follicular unit placed, this ensures you only pay for the number of grafts you receive. A follicular unit is a natural group of hairs, ranging between 1 to 4 hairs. On an average size hair transplant procedure the hairs per follicular unit averages out to around 2.2 hairs per unit, for example a 4000 graft (FU) procedure there will be approximately 8800 hairs

This is an important consideration on two respects

  1. A hair transplant result relies on the strategic distribution of natural follicular units to gain the coverage required and the appearance of natural density
  2. If the hair count is considerably lower than the average then the overall cost will increase pro rata
Natural Groupings Of Follicular Units

Natural Groupings Of Follicular Units

On some occasions the cost per graft may appear to be distinctly lower than the average; if the case ensure the unit cost is based on a natural follicular unit and not per hair, as this can initially seem favourable but actually cost more. The cost per graft generally will alter dependent on the hair transplant technique used, Follicular Unit Extraction or Follicular Unit Transplant, also when FUE is employed to extract body hair the cost per FU can alter again

The cost of your hair transplant is often not the only expense involved; travel and accommodation as often the clinic will not be local, how many days away, eating etc. have to be considered. You invest a lot of your time and money into a hair transplant so ensure your choices are in your best interests

A Hair Transplant can be a big investment and before deciding all due care should be taken; a benefit of a hair transplant is the grafted hair is permanent. As important as the cost is in the decision your decision should not be related to the cost, be it high or low; your decision should be based on the quality of the results of the clinic and reputation from previous patients

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