Hair Transplant Results And Reviews


Comments and questions made by those either looking to have a hair transplant or hair transplant veterans who have already undergone surgery, not necessarily by Hattingen Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant Results. Hattingen Hair Transplantation (11)6248 FUT Hair Transplant Results

“This is awesome….. Considering the extent of this guys loss I think this result is fantastic. The comb through highlights just how good it is. Even the crown at the lower density looks so much better than the large bald spot…..he has to be a happy man.”


4172 Grafts via FUT. Before & Grown Out Result. Hattingen Hair Transplantation, Switzerland4172 FUT Hair Transplant Result

“This is a Beautiful result considering the area covered the patient must be very happy its a total turnaround for him love it “

5090 FUT Hattingen Hair Transplant5090 FUT Hair Transplant Result

“Thats a superb result he looks so much younger like the others have said”



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