A Permanent Solution To Hair Loss

Hair loss for men can effect from late teens through the majority of the individuals adult life, the pattern of hair loss can be relatively minor to advanced patterns and largely governed by the genetic disposition from the paternal and maternal sides of the family

Male Pattern Baldness as such cannot be cured, there are a small number of FDA approved medications and treatment programmes that can help to sustain and in some cases improve on the native hair growth but they only work while being used and results will vary from person to person

Surgical hair replacement or a hair transplant for many is seen as a miracle cure to hair loss, but that is not the case; a bad hair transplant or poorly planned can worsen an individual’s situation

Planning Your Permanent Solution To Hair Loss Using Surgical Hair Restoration

Planning Your Permanent Solution To Hair Loss Using Surgical Hair Restoration

Just because hair can be removed from around the sides and back of the head and placed over the top of the scalp in almost every individual does not mean a natural result can be achieved or that every individual makes for a suitable hair transplant candidate

As hair loss in almost all individuals is progressive the timing of a hair transplant is crucial; short term goals may be able to be achieved but long term hair loss could require a change a different approach

Fixing minor hair loss with a hair transplant at the time may appear to be a good solution, no need for medications, and leaving no signs of hair loss but this state can be short lived as hair loss progresses

A plan must initially be made to ensure a sustained and balanced result can be achieved over time as hair loss progresses; hair line placement and design is an integral aspect of the planning and can impact greatly on the planning and hair transplant result

Getting the planning correct can result in a successful and permanent solution to hair loss that can be maintained over time; this may not be able to meet all an individual’s goals but if there is an understanding between the individual and doctor a success solution can still be achieved

Planning starts with two areas of the scalp; the recipient area size at the time of the first hair transplant and as much as possible calculating the potential surface area in the future; secondly, the donor hair characteristics and qualities

A successful permanent solution to hair loss is based on simple maths; the demand for hair in the recipient area measured against the finite resource available from the donor area; if the demand can be met long term by the donor then a permanent solution to hair loss can be found


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