Hair Transplants Abroad

It is common in today’s society and with the internet allowing individuals to widen their research potential; deciding on the right hair restoration clinic can take time and very often ends in deciding on a clinic that is in another country

A hair transplant can be a very positive decision in an individual’s life, but can also have a negative impact if the wrong decision is made; so, making the correct choice of surgical hair restoration clinic can have a huge impact. Research has become easier in later years as all the initial dialogue can be made on-line making contacting hair transplant clinics abroad much easier and confidential.

Choosing the Right Hair Transplant Clinic To Meet Your Needs

Choosing the Right Hair Transplant Clinic To Meet Your Needs

Regardless of technique, Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE or Follicular Unit Transplant, FUT, Hattingen Hair Transplantation puts the well-being of our patient as the paramount key to the success of the hair transplant

Important considerations when deciding on the doctor for you can range from results, approachability, patient reviews and overall quality of work. As a hair transplant is elective surgery you are in total control of your decision

A hair transplant relies on the movement of genetically strong hair to an area of hair loss; the skills required are both medical and artistic to achieve a natural looking density and coverage, especially on higher Norwood hair loss candidates

Understanding the facial bone structure is an important aspect when designing and planning the approach to hair restoration; the hair line shape and placement will change per individual as bone structure is never the same

Donor hair management will determine how many grafts/follicular units can be safely removed in one procedure or over time, especially as hair loss progresses and a balanced coverage and density need to be maintained

Choosing the correct hair transplant technique to use will also impact on the long term planning and how many grafts can safely be removed; FUT and FUE are both successful techniques in the correct hands

An open and honest dialogue is important between the individual and doctor; ensure that the goals are achievable and that both parties agree on the plan for surgical hair restoration. Hattingen Hair believes in a Master Plan, looking long term as this is believed to be in the best interests and well-being of the patient


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