How Long Does A Hair Transplant Take?

A hair transplant is a relatively minor surgical procedure, be it performed using wither FUE or the FUT techniques. There should be little to no pain involved after the local anaesthesia has been administered

The time a hair transplant takes is largely governed by the size of the procedure and the technique used; but it can also be related to the skin and healing properties of the individual and there are a number of steps that can be taken to aid the day to run smoothly

The FUT technique will be performed over a single day, from the donor hair being harvested, the grafts divided and cleaned, the recipient sites made and finally the placement of the grafts in the recipient sites

Small procedures can take just a couple of hours but the vast majority of FUT procedures will take most of a normal working day. The size and quality of the doctor´s technical team will play an important role throughout the day as they divide the grafts and place them back into the sites made by the doctor

Hattingen Hair Transplantation Technicians Placing And Cleaning Grafts

Hattingen Hair Transplantation Technicians Placing And Cleaning Grafts

It is important the days runs smoothly and efficiently with care being taken of the grafts whilst out of the head, but keeping this time to a minimum to ensure a high graft survival rate is maintained

With FUT it is possible on the right candidate to achieve 7000 grafts in one day; this allows for even high Norwood hair loss sufferers to achieve or get very close to total coverage and a balanced density from hair line to crown

FUE, especially when performed manually is a lengthy procedure, each follicular unit is harvested individually from the donor area; the graft has to be initially punched and then extracted manually

As with FUT the grafts need to be cleaned and separated into their natural groupings and this should always be performed under magnification to ensure graft survival and only healthy grafts are placed in the recipient area

Generally FUE is limited to around 1500-2000 grafts in a one day session, so if higher numbers are required the procedure would be performed over two consecutive days; if the procedure is carried out over more days it can create complications

The body starts to become immune to the anaesthesia and the procedure can become painful; also post-operative healing becomes slightly more complicated due to the grafts being placed possibly 1-4 days apart from each other

As a patient there are a few simple things that can be done to aid the day; it is common the clinic will give a list of do´s and don’ts prior to your procedure and it is important to follow these recommendations

Refrain from any blood thinning treatment, vitamins, medications as this will increase bleeding throughout the procedure; medically there is no danger to the patient but it will slow down the procedure and healing post-operation

It is important to be prepared for the day, be comfortable and expect to have long periods that you need to remain in the same position; do not clock watch as this can be counterproductive and make the day seem to be longer than it actually is

While researching it is suggested you ask the doctor who will be aiding them throughout the day and why certain individuals perform certain tasks to aid in the efficiency of your procedure


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