Managing Expectations From A Hair Transplant

A key to successful surgical hair restoration is open and honest dialogue between the individual and the doctor performing the hair transplant procedure; without this it is impossible to gauge how successful in the eyes of the individual will be

Managing the goals and expectations of the candidate is vital from the very first procedure be it minor hair restoration or advanced hair loss that is being treated; even though the ultimate goal by all is to have more hair each individual will have different expectations as to what they consider a successful result

Checking Your Goals And Expectations Against Achievable Hair Transplant Results

Checking Your Goals And Expectations Against Achievable Hair Transplant Results

A perfectly good hair transplant can be performed but if the individual is not happy or does not meet their goals in their eyes it will not be a success and this can lead to recriminations against the clinic and the feeling from the patient they have been let down

Planning a hair transplant is different for all individuals; from technical perspective aspects such as hair characteristics, facial bone structure the pattern of hair loss will all be taken into consideration by the doctor as they make a plan how to approach hair restoration

From an individual´s point of view the first thought is simple hair restoration, getting back what has been taken away; this is especially true with lower hair loss patterns, advanced hair loss sufferers generally are more open to what can be achieved

It is important when researching to gain as much knowledge as possible, contact multiple clinics to gain varying opinions as to how they would approach hair restoration, short and long term. As hair loss is progressive and the donor hair resources are finite it is important to be able to sustain hair restoration as it advances; this requires planning from the very first procedure

The individual must understand the limitations of a hair transplant, the density required achieving natural fullness, and how hair characteristics can aid or hamper the results that can be achieved

How the hair line position must reflect the demand for hair over the potential surface area against the resources available to the doctor; why deciding on the correct hair transplant technique may be better used over another

Gaining this and more information will go a long way to becoming better educated and understanding how a hair transplant result is put together; this may mean changing your initial goals but will help in achieving the result you expect

Be honest with yourself and with the doctor you ultimately decide upon; nature can only be cheated to a degree and miracles do not occur; not all individuals make a good hair transplant candidate and as frustrating as this may be it never good to start that which cannot be finished


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