Treating Advanced Hair Loss

Hair loss in the majority of men is progressive; an individual´s genetic disposition can be a reasonable guide to how advanced hair loss will progress. Advanced Norwood stages make defining the safe donor area easier

The size of the safe donor area is more important when using the FUE hair transplant technique as it relies on a wide surface area to extract the follicular units from; FUT extraction is more localised to a thin strip around the sides and back well within the donor area

NW5 Diffused Hair Loss Pattern Treated with 3994 FUT. Hattingen Hair Transplantation

NW5 Diffused Hair Loss Pattern Treated with 3994 FUT. Hattingen Hair Transplantation

Having the ability to measure the safe zone allows for an accurate assessment long term of how many grafts can be extracted, be it in one procedure or multiple surgical hair restoration procedures

Advanced hair loss sufferers also generally have lower expectations in terms of restoration; a natural result is priority but expectations of a low adolescent hair line is not the top significance for many

With planning it is possible to rebuild the surface area of hair loss, and on the right candidate achieve total coverage in a single procedure, even if this means a slightly lower hair density over the crown

Achieving total coverage with a natural hair density in one procedure is time efficient for the individual, only means entering the donor and recipient areas once, causing as little change to the skin and better healing

From the hair line position the area behind can be measured, frontal third, mid-section and crown; care has to be taken to measure the miniaturised hair around the demarcation zone when the sides and back meet the top of the scalp

The miniaturised areas of hair will increase the recipient surface area but must be taken into account when planning hair restoration otherwise the restored area will not meet the sides creating an unnatural island of hair

From calculating the donor hair density it is then possible to determine how many grafts/follicular units can be safely harvested and what hair transplant technique can be the most efficient to achieve as close to the required numbers

The hair characteristics will then determine what density of hair is required to be placed over the recipient area to achieve the look of thickness; the better the hair characteristics the lower density is required and greater coverage can be realised

NW6 Hair Loss Stage Treated with 7305 FUT. Hattingen Hair Transplantation

NW6 Hair Loss Stage Treated with 7305 FUT. Hattingen Hair Transplantation

If coverage cannot be achieved over the crown the hair density will be reduced as the placement reaches the vertex; this creates a natural looking pattern of hair loss and not stopping with a flat dense wall of hair

If total coverage can be achieved it is common the hair density over the crown will be reduced compared to the placement over the frontal and mid-section; few candidates can achieve total coverage and even density from hair line to crown in one procedure

Regardless of not being able to cover the crown or a lower density coverage the result can stand alone and look perfectly natural; if the individual does not wish for whatever reason to continue restoration the pattern of hair growth will be natural and balanced

If future restoration is desired then this can be performed at a later date; it is best to allow at least twelve months between hair transplant procedures; this allows for the hair growth to mature and the skin to fully heal

Correct donor management and on the right candidate can allow for upwards of 6000 grafts to be reached in a single procedure with the FUT technique; FUE procedures are generally much smaller and would require multiple sessions to get near such high numbers

Planning with any hair transplant is important as the first session the scalp is always in the best condition to maximise graft numbers; a mutually agreed plan between doctor and patient will ensure that both parties understand what can be achieved and the long term happiness of the individual

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