Treating Minor Hair Loss


The onset of hair loss can be emotive and the initial reaction can be to find the quickest permanent fix to restore the lost hair. Age can be a large factor; losing hair at a younger age can be traumatic whereas as we age we are generally a little less concerned to find a quick remedy

Hair loss is generally progressive and although the ultimate hair loss pattern can be guided by an individual´s genetics this is only a guide and hair restoration should not solely be planned with genetic factors in mind

Especially in younger hair loss sufferers the first option should be to look at hair retention treatments. Although results will vary from person to person and no specific result can be promised they do work for the majority of men

Treating Relatively Low Hair Loss Patterns Must Take Into Consideration Many Factors, Age Being One

Treating Relatively Low Hair Loss Patterns Must Take Into Consideration Many Factors, Age Being One

Assuming treatment does work they can control hair loss for many years; they need to be used correctly and the positive results will only continue while the treatment is being used; stop and the hair loss will commence

Surgical hair restoration is not always the best first option, especially on a younger age; there is no way to determine how fast or the pattern of hair loss and fixing a low hair line can create complications in the coming years, a balanced coverage and donor management issues

As emotive as hair loss is at a younger age be careful not to lose common sense over emotion as we are all older for many more years than we are younger; at the time it may appear the best solution but many have made this mistake and regretted their actions. The hair line can take a relatively high number of follicular units for the surface area to cover; using so many and fixing the hair line low will increase the potential surface area to treat in the future as hair loss progresses

As we age the hair loss pattern matures, even a man in their mid to late 30´s and early 40´s may have only receded over the frontal area, around a Norwood 3 hair loss stage; this allows designing a new hair line much easier

The temporal recession can be designed to follow the individuals natural bone structure and any hair loss around the lateral sides; framing of the face is vital to ensure as we age the hair line remains natural looking from 30 to hopefully many years into the future

It is always important to research and get the opinion of multiple hair transplantation doctors; do not always take the word you are a good hair transplant candidate just because it suits you to hear this


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