Can I Have A Hair Transplant Test To See If I Like?

A hair transplant or surgical hair replacement can be a positive life changing procedure but at the same time can have a negative impact if not planned or executed correctly; this involves a lot of research by the individual

Hair transplantation is a permanent solution to rebuilding an area of hair loss; the follicular units placed should come from a genetically strong area of the donor safe zone, around the sides and back of the head

Even though the follicular units are transferred they retain their genetic properties and will continue to produce hair over the life time of the individual. Because the hair will grow permanently it is important to understand that it is not possible to return the scalp back to before any hair transplant was performed

Always Ensure You Are Prepared For A Hair Transplant. Research Is Vital

Always Ensure You Are Prepared For A Hair Transplant. Research Is Vital

Regardless of the hair loss pattern, minor hair line and frontal third thinning or advanced hair loss stages a master plan must be made to achieve a natural result; rebuilding the hair line must create a natural front line, slightly irregular with an increasing density behind

Advanced hair loss stages require many more grafts, the hair line must be positioned in relation to the quality of donor hair to ensure a balanced coverage can be achieved; not too high or too low that can result in a front loaded appearance

Age can be an important factor when deciding to undergo a hair transplant; young with too much native hair makes it impossible to predict any future hair loss pattern, will make very little cosmetic difference and can end in chasing hair loss

A hair transplant is a big decision to make, concerns whether it will be natural, if you like the result, what happens if you lose more hair, costs and overall is it worth it to the individual; it may seem a logical idea to have a small test before “pulling the trigger”

A test will give you very little comfort or answers but it will give you permanently growing hair in an area you have thinned or receded; if the test hair is placed on the hair line or within a thinning area it will ultimately be noticeable as the area thins or recedes further

Due to the small number of grafts used with a test it will not be able to tell you how natural a result will look, or the density or coverage that can be achieved or basically whether you would be happy with the overall result

A test maybe in some cases useful, when a hair transplant has already been performed and the yield has been low, if there is a concern it may be caused not by the poor application of the procedure but by poor physiology then a test may be able to help, but this is generally not common practice

There will always be a degree of nervousness deciding to have a hair transplant, perfectly natural reaction even if you are sure; after careful research and deciding on the Clinic to perform your procedure if you have large doubts then it is best to stop and postpone your decision


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