What To Expect From A Hair Transplant

It is important before deciding to have a hair transplant you understand how important the hair characteristics are in deciding the result and what is possible to achieve. It is common that a compromise has to be made between the patient and doctor and important that the patient agrees with the overall plan, especially if a compromise has been made

Lower Norwood hair loss stages make it a little harder to make a Master Plan long term, whereas higher NW cases makes planning much easier as a the pattern of hair loss is much more obvious.

If a person´s hair characteristics are below average and hair loss is progressive a more conservative approach will be needed, for example a more conservative hair line design made, probably with open temples

With Correct Planning And Graft Distribution Total Restoration Achieved In A Single Hair Transplant

With Correct Planning And Graft Distribution Total Restoration Achieved In A Single Hair Transplant

The design must take into consideration future potential hair loss, if a hair line is placed too low and hair loss progresses aggressively the design may look out of place and unnatural in the future

This can make it difficult to treat minor hair loss, especially on younger men when future hair loss is impossible to predict, and sometimes it is better to use hair loss medications to prevent hair loss

Everyone wants a WOW result from a hair transplant procedure, naturally. A hair transplant result, assuming it is performed to a high standard, is largely determined by the quality of the person´s hair characteristics.

When assessing the hair characteristics aspects such as donor hair density, recipient surface to cover, and hair colour and curl and skin laxity must be checked. From these aspects a plan can start to be made as to how the hair transplant is designed, from the hair line, to the frontal third, into the mid-section and then eventually placement into the crown.

This is to ensure a balanced coverage can be achieved and not front loaded, leaving a large untouched surface area over some of the mid-section and crown, looking unnatural. A mutual open dialogue with the doctor is important so both parties understand what is possible, a perfectly good hair transplant can be performed but if it does not meet the goals the patient will not be happy.

On occasions it is possible a hair transplant cannot deliver your goals, short or long term, if this is the case it would be prudent to listen to the professional assessment given, as it is with your long term well-being in mind.


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