Hair Line Density

The hair line is considered to give the largest impact when restoring a head of hair; the hair line frames the face and generally the first aspect that people see; drawing the eye back to the centre of the face, the eye rather than the forehead

The hair line is progressive from one side along the frontal to the other side beyond the temporal recession; there will be slight irregularities from side to side as the face is not symmetrical

As the hair lines moves round the angles and density placed needs to change to create a natural “smooth” hair line that does not draw attention; not a thick wall of hair that is too symmetrical

There is no such thing as a designer hair line as each individual will be different and must be taken into account when designing and placing the grafts; it is advised to not try and create a hair line pattern that you did not have before

Hair Line Position And Design By Hattingen Hair Transplantation

Hair Line Position And Design By Hattingen Hair Transplantation

The best hair line is the one that fits your facial features the best, not necessarily the thickest or lowest but the most natural that does not draw attention as it looks perfectly natural. Because of this hair line placement is often a compromise between the candidate and doctor; and a great deal of medical proficiency and artistic ability is required

Density placed is the amount of follicular units per cm² and along the hair line this is usually single hair FU´s and the density is governed by the hair characteristics to ensure a natural result is achieved

Dense packing is the term used to describe a high density of follicular units placed within an area; placing each graft close together to mimic nature. Fine hair requires a higher density, coarse hair has other concerns as it can look pluggy when transplanted; curly hair has advantages as the curl helps to create the illusion of fullness

As the hair line reaches the temporal recession point the density needs to be reduced slightly as well as the angle of the hair exiting the scalp as the bone structure moves down the side of the face

As the hair moves further down to the side-burn the angles have to change further, more acute to the skin to allow the grafted hair to be blended with the original side-burn

As the hair line requires a large number of grafts in a relatively small area the distribution is vital to maximise the coverage and density achieved with as low number of grafts as possible; allowing for greater distribution of hair further back

The design must take into consideration future potential hair loss, if a hair line is placed too low and hair loss progresses aggressively the design may look out of place and unnatural in the future

Dense packing allows for a result to be realised in one pass, it ensures a smooth progression from single hairs to 2 hair FU´s behind to rebuild the density and thickness, but maintain a soft appearance to the immediate hair line opposed to a thick wall of hair that can look unnatural

Great importance is made of the hair line density but it can differ greatly between individuals so to give an estimate of graft numbers required is not practical or realistic and must be judged on a personal basis, can range between 400 to 1000 grafts, taking into consideration the design and the natural characteristics of the hair



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