Post Hair Transplant Side Effects

Post operation there will be a few side effects over the first few days, minor effects that are not threatening but need to be realised for an individual´s well-being and no surprises; it will also aid better healing

An obvious concern is pain; there should be minimal pain, mild discomfort post operation usually around the donor area and may last a few days. A simple pain killer is normally enough to dull any pain

With Strip surgery there will be some tightness around the donor due to the sutures, initially making it hard to move your head from side to side, but over a few days the laxity returns and movement is free

Preparing For Your Hair Transplant Post Op

Preparing For Your Hair Transplant Post Op

Swelling occurs in nearly all patients, especially with hair line work and larger procedures. Usually the swelling occurs around the eyes and forehead; it is harmless and begins normally the day after the procedure and last about 5 days. A more upright sleeping position and an ice pack can help reduce the effects of swelling

Although harmless you will not look your best and it is suggested you make sure you have provisions at home, food and drink if you would rather not go out in this period, until the swelling subsides

Bleeding post op is rare in the recipient or donor areas, if it does occur apply light pressure with a compress. Be careful not to bang your head especially in the first weeks. If bleeding persists then contact your Clinic

If travelling home take a few precautions, take a window seat on public transport, getting in and out of cars leave a little more head room

Itching: itching is a natural part of the healing process, be careful not to rub or massage the grafted area. With daily shampooing the itching will subside over the first couple of weeks

Numbness: some temporary numbness occurs in both the recipient and donor areas and can linger for a few weeks or months in some patients.

Hiccups: can occur after surgery, the condition is not serious but annoying, refrain from drinking carbonated/fizzy drinks for a few days post operation.

With any medical or surgical procedure there can be side effects, often temporary and minor, and hair transplantation is no different.

This is not an exhaustive list but some common side effects post hair transplant surgery. If you have any doubts or concerns always contact your clinic to calm any concerns you may have.

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