Ways To Achieve Coverage And Fullness From A Hair Transplant

As we cannot replace like for like hair lost with a hair transplant it is vital to gain the most coverage from each hair as possible, especially as the donor resources are finite. The art of a hair transplant is being able to distribute the hair available so even high levels of hair loss can be treated

As well as coverage achieve a natural looking density. There are a few “tricks of the trade” to achieve maximum coverage and density with a limited number of follicular units available

Since each follicular unit group varies in size, from one to four hairs we use different blades to create custom reception slits of varying width and depth to the follicular units. The width of the blade is very small, about 0.6-1 mm

This can be easily demonstrated by holding out a blade of grass and watching the curvature of the blade, up or down

This can be easily demonstrated by holding out a blade of grass and watching the curvature of the blade, up or down

Our use of custom-made instruments also promotes speedier healing in the recipient area; the use by some of standard tools have to be large enough to facilitate the larger FU´s so do not take into consideration the variant in sizes or depth of the slit that needs to be made.

Custom blades allow for greater precision of placement, allowing for larger sessions to be performed and higher densities placed, whereas standard tools restrict the density that can be placed due to circulatory disorders when trying to place too high a density

Watching the natural curvature ensures maximum coverage from each hair, allowing the hair to blend with the native hair more effectively; even with a shorter cut the curvature does not oppose the surrounding hair

Even a straight hair has a curvature, the lay of the hair when it is held up or when in the scalp will always fall in a certain direction when it exits the scalp, normally facing downwards. The hair curvature is different from the angle or orientation of the hair or when the slit is made; the curvature is seen when the hair is placed in the recipient area

Controlling the curvature has three major benefits:

1. it will blend with the surrounding hair and not give the appearance of misdirected hairs

2. It will allow each hair to give greater coverage allowing for fewer grafts to be used over an area of the recipient zone

3. Ensure more fullness or density can be achieved as the hairs are laying in a uniform pattern

Controlling these aspects will help in achieving the maximum coverage and density possible with the minimum number of grafts; this is good donor management as it reduces the amount that has to be extracted and preserves the donor in the best possible condition; also allowing for future sessions if hair loss continues


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