Best Time For Surgical Hair Restoration

Before deciding on a hair transplant it is important to understand the limitations of the procedure, for example how much hair have you lost and how much hair can be safely removed from your donor area

There is no simple answer to when it is best to have a hair transplant procedure. Losing one’s hair can be emotive for many and can provoke an immediate reaction to deal with it straight away

A hair transplant is not a miracle cure for hair loss, it is simply the movement of hair from one area of the head to another; it will not prevent further hair loss from continuing so planning is vital as a hair transplant is not a procedure that can be reversed

Treating minimal hair loss, especially in younger men can make it hard to measure long term hair loss and donor management, therefore it is vital to be cautious and not “pull the trigger” too early

There are many aspects to consider, for example, your age, your hair loss pattern today, the potential for future hair loss, family history for hair loss both paternal and maternal sides to name a few.

It is important to have a long term plan in mind to try and ensure that your decision is correct as you become older, that the initial planning, hair line placement/design still looks natural in the future

It is sometimes better in the early stages of hair loss to use hair loss prevention medications and try to stabilise the hair loss; this can prolong the time before looking at a hair transplant, and possibly see a pattern to the hair loss

Fixing a low hair line will mean if hair loss progresses aggressively the surface area to treat becomes larger and the donor may not be able to provide enough hair to effectively treat the area with a natural looking coverage

This does not mean it is impossible but correct donor management is required; prior to any decision the donor hair checked for density and characteristics to ensure a sustained and natural coverage can be achieved

Try to ensure your decision is based on logic and not just emotion, as the decision you take today will affect you in the future and your long term happiness.

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