What Influences The Decision For Surgical Hair Restoration


What Influences The Decision For Surgical Hair Restoration

Hair loss can be an emotive issue for many, men and woman, the desire to look and feel young, not ageing maybe beyond our years and attractive, to feel good about one´s self

As hair loss affects individuals in different ways there is no right or wrong answer to whether hair restoration is essential, to one it may not have any influence on their life, but to another it can be traumatic and impact greatly how they socialise

Hair transplantation can be an excellent method or hair restoration, but it is not a miracle cure and does have limitations; the largest being the donor resources are finite, if hair loss progresses it can be harder to reach total restoration unless your hair characteristics are good and a correct plan is made to deal with progressive hair loss

The timing of a hair transplant will also play an important role, age, current hair loss pattern, potential for future loss have to be considered on an individual basis. A good start is to research a number of doctors and clinics, how they approach hair restoration

Peer pressure is something that surrounds us every day, from sales marketing to what friends, family and business colleagues say and do and how it is perceived we should or should not live our lives

No one should influence you when deciding to undergo surgical hair restoration, or for that matter certainly any elective cosmetic surgical procedure; the decision should be yours alone.

If you wish to tackle hair loss the decision should be yours with the first steps to take in researching the various options available, medications, non-surgical and hair transplant restoration

Collate the information from as many sources as possible; it is very possible that much will contradict each other; if so ensure you qualify your research as to why answers to your questions differ

As hair loss can be emotive it can be hard to be logical and easy to make a decision emotionally without thinking the consequences through; especially in the early stages of hair loss and especially when younger

It must be remembered that making an emotional decision usually leads to wishing for everything to be returned to before; and a hair transplant may be able to deliver this in the short term but as hair loss progresses this becomes impossible, especially if the progression advanced to a high Norwood pattern

From the first procedure a long term plan should be taken, especially if the hair loss pattern is minor with the potential for it to advance; using a relatively high % of the donor in a small area will hamper future restoration and achieving a balanced natural coverage



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