Surgical Hair Restoration And Hair Clinics

If hair loss has only just started it is possible a hair transplant should not be your first option; although medications cannot make new hair grow it can prevent future loss for a long time.

Hair loss meds can be effective for the majority of men when used correctly, but it is important to take medical professional advice before starting any medications be it topical or orally taken; there are many fake treatments out there

You must take into consideration your hair loss pattern now, your age and the potential for future hair loss, along with your hair characteristics as to how good a hair transplant candidate you are

Do not rush your decision as you will put added pressure on yourself post-operation; research your choice of clinic and timing of your procedure

There are various forms of hair restoration methods, some more effective than others ranging from medications, artificial hair replacement and hair transplantation; so why choose a hair transplant procedure?

It is important to have an understanding with the doctor you choose, so you both understand what is possible and what is expected as a result. For example hair line placement and design, coverage and density achievable

Your choice of doctor should be based on some simple criteria, quality of their work, professional approach, care and meeting your goals, short and long term. A hair transplant is elective surgery and all care should be taken

There may be a compromise between patient and doctor on the approach, the “Master Plan”. The Master Plan is designed to look long term, both recipient and donor. Because we cannot replace like for like hair the art of a hair transplant is being able get the most out of your donor hair, especially if the hair loss pattern advances to a high Norwood level (NW)

To be able to reach 6-7000 grafts in a single session can restore a NW5-6 patient to a NW2-3 again. Once the hair is placed, healed and grown the hair will grow for a lifetime, it will behave with the same characteristics as if it had never been moved, it will grow and need cutting and regrow as normal

When considering a hair transplant one of the first things you may do is start to look at previous patient results on-line and compare the results from various clinics and doctors.

A good start is an on-line consultation; send your details and pictures for an initial assessment. Hattingen Hair offer a free on-line service which also includes an on-line video consultation so you may interact with the doctor


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