Diffused Hair Loss; Meds Or Restoration

Treating diffused thinning with a hair transplant can be problematical, it can be hard to determine how far the pattern of loss will conclude and placing within diffused hair making it hard to create a natural density

Dependent on the extent of the pattern of diffuse loss and the lack of density it may be best to not undergo surgical restoration and wait until the pattern matures and less trauma to the native hair will occur

If the doctor is happy to treat with a hair transplant it is almost always the case the recipient area will need to be shaved; this is to help aspects of the surgical procedure. Shaving allows the quality of hair to assessed much easier under magnification, how miniaturised the hair shaft is; shaving aids the accuracy and speed of the procedure and allows a greater density to be placed

The use of custom made blades for the recipient sites allows for the slit to be customised to the size of the graft rather than one size fits all. This allows for a greater density to be placed and less trauma during the operation as well as improved faster healing post operation.

Diffuse thinning is normally caused by an interruption in the normal hair growth cycle, caused by a variety issues, nutritional, hormone, stress to name a few

The hair also can be weaker, so any trauma from the hair transplant procedure can cause the hair to reject, or shock-loss; this can occur almost immediately or over months post operation in some cases.

It is always advised to try and locate the trigger when possible before undergoing any treatment programme or surgical hair restoration procedure

Diffused hair loss over the top of the scalp can leave an intact hair line but behind a thinner coverage of hair, no actual bald spots just a loss of density and sometimes overall hair quality, miniaturised hair

Hair loss retention treatments can be a good first alternative to treating the thinning, sustaining the hair growth over the area and potentially being able to thicken the hair growth for some time.

Many clinics prefer not to operate on diffuse hair loss sufferers, it is not so much because of the medical complications but their concern for the result and your happiness; so when researching take this into consideration.


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