Time For Hair Line Restoration

Hair line placement is very personal; it must follow your natural bone structure and an area that nature cannot be cheated, because of the natural angles of the apex and temporal angles that exist even in high Norwood patterns

As a hair transplant is permanent it is important to understand that the hair line placement is crucial. A hair line fixed for a younger man will look out of place as we age, so it is important to always look to the future

The placement does not always have to be aggressive but sometimes a subtle change can make a huge improvement to the overall result; correct orientation of the hair as it moves around the hair line into the recession and then down the sides

The best hair transplant hair line is going to be different for everyone as we all have our own goals we wish to achieve. But a basic fundamental is that the result looks natural and does not draw attention for the wrong reasons

As tempting as it maybe, especially when we are younger, to fix a low hair line we must think of the future, how we age and how a low adolescent hair line may look when we are reaching 50, 60 years of age

Hair line placement must take into consideration future hair loss, especially if there is a strong history of progressive hair loss in the family. This can make it difficult to treat minor hair loss, especially on younger men when future hair loss is impossible to predict, and sometimes it is better to use hair loss medications to prevent hair loss

The hair line is arguably the most important aspect of a hair transplant procedure; it is what we and others first see and the area that frames the face, so vital it looks perfectly natural. When rebuilding a hair line, besides the natural placement of grafts the design and placement is crucial to restore a cosmetically pleasing look today but also in the future as we age, so a compromise if often required

The best hair transplant hair line is the one that suits your goals and looks perfectly natural, so ensure you do all you can to reach your goals by researching the best clinic for your needs



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