Evaluating Hair Transplant Suitability

An individual will need to set out their goals for hair restoration then seek professional advice whether the goals can be suitably met. Certain criteria will be examined to ascertain if a satisfactory result can be achieved

A hair transplant should not be thought of as a cure for hair loss or suitable for everyone; if the hair characteristics are poor it is better not to start surgical hair restoration as results can be poor and lead to distress

If the hair in the donor area is low density, mainly small hair groupings, and miniaturised this will limit the quality of the hair and the numbers available over time; it may be possible to repair minor hair loss, a hair line, but as hair loss progresses the donor area will not be able to keep up with the demand for hair

Even with average donor characteristics if the area of hair loss advances aggressively, restoration, certainly total restoration may not be possible; especially if the pattern of hair loss drops down the sides and back, exposing the lateral humps and the crown dropping into the potential safe zone for harvesting hair

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure, relatively minor and relies on the hair and skin characteristics of the individual to determine whether a cosmetically suitable and balanced result can be achieved

Because we have to rely on the quality of the hair properties we have around the sides and back of the head results will vary from person to person and some will make better candidates than others, with some individuals not being a candidate at all

Some clinics will have strict protocols on who they consider to be a good hair transplant candidate; age is always high on the list of protocols, using medications can play a role, existing hair loss pattern and potential hair loss pattern. This does not belittle the feeling of someone who is younger and losing hair, in fact, although may be not initially appreciated, if the advice is to not undergo surgical hair restoration it is simply made with the best interests of the individual in mind

It must be impressed upon and understood that a hair transplant is not a miracle cure; as great as results can be on the right candidate, if all the parameters and risks are ignored then not only will the result not meet the goals but can result in the individual needing repair surgery which is not a position anyone wishes to find themselves in


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