Limit The Visible Scarring Potential

Any surgical procedure will create some degree of scarring, some more visible than others, dependent on the area and in the case of a hair transplant how short the hair is worn; also the natural skin healing properties and the skill of the doctor

This is important to understand that regardless of technique some degree of scarring remains, albeit relatively minor. Correct donor management is important to ensure the most FU´s can be removed safely and with minimum change to the area. Also post-operation healing and care by the patient is important to ensure the smallest scarring possible

The 2 techniques will leave different shaped scarring, FUT a line and FUE cylindrical; FUT the length of the line will depend largely on the number of grafts required, FUE donor will depend on the number of grafts required plus any transection

When both extraction techniques are performed to a high standard any visible scarring is minimal, even brushing through the hair it can be hard to identify; FUE the extraction points can be spread over a wide area, assuming the donor is not over harvested and FUT with later closure methods hair grows back through the line, camouflaging it further

There are limitations even when performed to a high standard, hair length; shaving the hair close to the scalp will leave visible, if different signs a surgical procedure has be performed

FUT, Follicular Unit Transplant, a single hair bearing strip is removed, the width of the strip is partly determined by the grafts required but also importantly the skin laxity, what width can be removed without creating tension when the closure is made

FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction, a cylindrical punch surrounds each FU individually, every extraction mark can potentially leave visible scarring with punch size, ability and skin healing properties playing important parts. The punch marks left heal over a couple of weeks

FUT, the line will become visible as a constant line even with hair growing through it when the hair is shaved; FUE although it is unlikely every extraction point will be visible with shaved hair but commonly a pattern of extraction is visible in areas, a man-made pattern of white dots in a symmetrical pattern


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