Personalised Hair Transplant

Prior to commencing with surgical hair restoration it is important to measure your goals against the supply of hair available, as a hair transplant is not realistically able to be reversed, and there would always be some signs of a cosmetic procedure before starting do everything possible to minimise any risks of long term unhappiness with the result

The goals need to assessed against the hair characteristics of the individual and the potential pattern of hair loss in the future, especially if treating lower hair loss stages to ensure as hair loss progresses a balanced natural looking result can be sustained

Individuals will have different goals, some a more aggressive adolescent hair line design, others more concerned with coverage and density and happy with a slightly more conservative approach

With good hair characteristics and attainable goals it can be possible to achieve total restoration in a one day hair transplant procedure; other individuals may find future hair transplant procedures are required and some may find their goals cannot be fully achieved

Understanding theses aspects and more is important to appreciate why a specific number of grafts will be required, why a certain coverage may or may not be able to realised and what density of grafts is required to achieve a natural looking fullness

Although there will obviously be similar hair characteristics, facial bone structure, hair colour and Norwood hair loss patterning a hair transplant is different for every person and planning needs to be tailored to the individual, not one design is suitable for everyone

Such details can be assessed at a hair loss/transplant consultation; under magnification the donor hair density can be measured, hair characteristics, skin laxity assessed and then the master plan made



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