Getting Past The Early Days Post Op

The immediate days post operation are important to the healing process and long term regrowth and yield achieved from your hair transplant procedure; give yourself a reasonably time before having to get back to normal life; and of course follow the instructions given to you and if there are any concerns contact your clinic

It is important that once decided to undergo a hair transplant the individual plans how they are going to deal with the initial few weeks post operation as this is an important time as the hair transplant heals

Swelling normally starts the first or second day post operation, so travelling the following day is never normally a concern; as the swelling takes around 5 days to relax if you wish to stay close to your clinic then extend your stay until maybe day 6 post operation

The initial day post operation; if travelling, train, and plane and even when home it is helpful to carry a neck pillow to steady yourself when you sleep; it help achieve a better sleep and protect the grafted area

Again, if travelling how long you decide to stay in the city the clinic is based in; the majority decide to go home the next day whereas others prefer to stay a little longer; as swelling sets in over the forehead on most operations the timing to travel can be important

Drink plenty of still water and keep away from carbonated drinks; there will be a degree of dehydration and drinking still water will help in the first few days. Try to eat well, fresh juices, fruit and keep your immune system high

If living alone it is best to get provisions in the house before you leave, food, drinks, anything that you may require in the early days post-op; you may not wish to venture outside too much in the early stages

Keep clear of excessively spicy foods and alcohol for the duration; and if a smoker either stop if possible of dramatically reduce the amount per day

The clothes you wear, try not to wear nay tops that need to be pulled over your head, button down shirts are better than T-Shirts; anything that may catch on the grafts can in the early stages pull them out

Have a plan how you are going to occupy your time while at home and away from work; the days can seem long if you do not have something to do; obviously if you can work from home that can be ideal, but if not little projects as long as nothing too strenuous

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