Natural Hair Transplant Results

Attaining a natural result is the ultimate goal, individual´s personal goals will differ from person to person; younger patients generally have very high expectations, with vivid memories of the exact position of their old hair line with the goal to restore prior to hair loss began

Understanding what can be achieved will go a long way in reducing any concerns; even to the point that if the individuals goals cannot be met and the decision is not to undergo surgical hair restoration

A hair transplant will require long term planning, even if the initial procedure is to repair minor hair loss; in fact smaller hair surgery can require more long term planning and caution as it is impossible to predict the pattern of hair loss over time

Many times the individual´s goals have to be tempered against the doctor´s recommendation; this is largely due to the hair characteristics of the donor hair not be able to sustain natural hair restoration

One aspect that can reduce the concerns is to research thoroughly before making any decision; also to have realistic goals and expectations from the procedure. A hair transplant is not a miracle cure and has limitations

Having an open dialogue with the doctor is vital, ensure you are honest with yourself and the doctor as to your expectations; they are not mind readers and need to understand what the individual wishes to accomplish

It can be helpful to contact multiple clinics and doctors to gain as many professional opinions and assessments as possible; it is not uncommon assessments will vary from clinic to clinic, graft numbers required, technique to use being the main two variants

There will be many concerns when starting to think about undergoing surgical hair restoration, technical and psychological issues, will the result look natural and even if yes, will the individual be happy with the result

Overall the hair characteristics will determine how good a hair transplant candidate a person is; if told by multiple doctors that the demand cannot be met by the resources available listen carefully and rethink your goals

Qualify the assessments you receive with factual answers as to why the clinic has come to a particular conclusion. Especially if you can make an in-person consultation have the donor hair checked for quality and density as this will ultimately determine how good a hair transplant candidate you are

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