Compromise Or Bust!

It is common that when meeting a hair transplant doctor and discussing a hair line design there will be a compromise in the position, many times the position and design made by the individual will be too aggressive and the doctor will want to alter

When thinking about restoring a hair line the consideration should be on long term planning; this is harder with minor hair loss as there is no determined pattern of how hair loss will progress

As a rule the hair line should not be placed lower than the original hair line; even if hair loss is not aggressive and results in a mature hair line almost every male will see the hair line recede a little

Importantly the hair line should be made with the individuals bone structure in mind, there is no “designer” hair line patterns as people have different bone structure that dictates how the hair line needs to be created

It is common in the early stages of hair loss, within reason regardless of age to want to restore your original hair line; obviously the younger can provoke a greater desire to repair the receding hair line

Especially in the early stages of hair loss an individual has vivid memories of their original hair line and this promotes the desire to have it restored; more mature hair loss stages it is more common the individual is relaxed about the hair line position, as long as it achieves the desired result of framing the face the need to turn back the clock aggressively is much lower

The hair line frames the face and gives structure to your appearance when you have a full head of hair; when hair loss begins the facial appearance will change, the forehead become bigger and the face longer as the hair line recedes

To a large extent if we look long term the hair line design and position will be determined by the quality of the individual’s donor hair as this is a finite resource and if hair loss progresses to an advance pattern it is important a balanced coverage can be maintained

It is important that the doctor explains the reason why they have come to the design they recommend so the individual can understand the logic and recommendation based on what the donor can supply and how natural the hair line will look over time


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