Working As A Team For Best Hair Transplant Results

Although the doctor cannot be personally hands on in every aspect on the procedure it is important that they are present and checking throughout the day and of course importantly when the procedure is finished

Although the doctor may be proficient in all aspects of the hair transplant procedure it is impossible to undertake every task, especially on large procedures when time and efficiency is a factor for graft survival and patient well-being

The technical team, ideally need to be trained in-house and have been performing with the entire team for some time; this maintains consistency and understanding of the individual duties that have to be performed during the operation

The technical team are generally involved from the moment the grafts are harvested from the patient, be it via FUT or FUE, as well as helping the patient relax and feel calm in unfamiliar surroundings

Our Tech team are medically certified and trained in-house to perform the cutting and slithering as well as graft placement, with a professional but caring manner

With FUT the strip of hair bearing tissue needs to cut in to smaller divisions and distributed to the team, the team will then, under magnification divide further the tissue into the individual follicular units

The placement of the grafts is a long and pain staking process that takes the majority of the time spent, again, under magnification each graft has to be placed into the minute recipient site the doctor has made

Working this closely with the patient for many hours in the day can be tiring and it is necessary to make breaks to re-charge, so a large team is required to ensure the procedure runs efficiently, especially large procedure, 4000 plus grafts.

It is common, especially with large procedures that 2 or maybe 3 technicians will work at the same time placing the grafts; at close quarters there needs to be patience and a good working philosophy

It is normal the doctor will have members of their team known as technicians; the technicians are a vital component of a hair transplant procedure and aiding the doctor with specific duties during the procedure


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