Getting The Hair Density Right

A Hair Transplant cannot replace like for like lost hair and it is also not necessary to achieve the look of fullness and a natural looking density that blocks the light from penetrating the hair and reflecting off the scalp

Observing the hair shaft curvature when placing the grafts will also aid in the look of fullness; placing each hair to match the next hair curvature, downwards, creates a more even pattern of hair growth, allows each hair to cover the adjacent hairs more effectively and with good hair characteristics can increase the coverage achieved with an equal amount of grafts by 20-30%

Another important aspect in gaining a natural looking hair transplant result is the ability to place the grafts close enough together; the hairs are naturally divided into groups of hairs called follicular units, from 1 to 4 hairs per natural group

One aspect that is important is to be able to place enough density in one pass to cover the required area and not have to re-enter the area at a later date to achieve the required result

The hair line requires single hair FU´s along the first few mm´s to ensure a natural progressive density is achieved rather than an unnatural wall of hair. This can require a high density of follicular units to be placed as only single hairs are used

The density required is also governed by the natural hair characteristics, curly, wavy hair, hair colour and coarseness; the better the hair characteristics the lower density can be placed allowing for a greater hair coverage with fewer grafts

Dense packing is important to achieving the desired result but that does not mean it is imperative to place the highest density possible. Donor hair management and using the resources to the best ability can allow for individuals will progressive hair loss to achieve total restoration

If too high a density is placed it can impair the growth rate achieved and create visible scarring over the recipient area; even if the yield is successful placing too high a density will reduce the overall coverage that can be achieved

Dense packing is a skill; it requires an understanding of the scalp anatomy, correct angulation, orientation and depth control of the slit or recipient site so as not to impair the skin, the surrounding slits and the growth or yield of the hair


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