Follicular Unit Transplantation

Like any surgical procedure there is always going to be a degree of scarring; when performed to a high standard the closure of the strip is easily hidden within the surrounding hair and even on close inspection hard to see

An advantage of strip is the follicular units are removed in the one strip making it able to harvest large numbers efficiently, along with a proficient and experienced team behind the doctor can then be divided in to the natural groups of follicular units

Follicular Unit Transfer, FUT or Strip Surgery; out of the two accepted techniques used today is the older of the two; FUT removes a thin hair bearing strip from around the sides and back of the head approximately in the zone known as the occipital area

As FUT relies on skin laxity for the removal this has to be considered when healing; not to create too much tension on the scalp, heavy exercise for example may create pressure on the area that can cause stretch back; so always take this into consideration when arranging your surgery and ensure you can adhere to the post-operative instructions you are given

With planning FUT can give the right high NW candidate an acceptable coverage from hair line to crown, albeit with a lower crown density, but if the individual is happy a result can be achieved in a single procedure

Once the strip is removed it is divided into smaller sections and then handed to the technicians who then divide into the individual follicular units, they are cleaned under magnification and kept in a holding solution

This process allows for only good quality grafts to be used and sustains a good yield or growth rate when the hair transplant matures; the process of extraction also allows for the overall procedure to run smoothly and efficiently; meaning that large numbers can be safely moved in a one day procedure; on the right candidate with good donor characteristics around 7000 grafts or FU´s

With future FUT procedures and acceptable donor healing the old line can still be removed when extracting more grafts; the graft numbers will probably be lower than the initial procedure but still enough to complete restoration even on high Norwood cases most of the time


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