Hair Calibre And Graft Distribution

Correct attention to the hair characteristics traits and how they will affect the quality of a hair transplant result are vital and all play a necessary role in the distribution of the follicular units over the scalp

Hair shaft diameter when cross sectioned can range from around 60 to 140 microns; a significant variant that needs to be taken into consideration prior to surgery and during the planning and distribution stages

The hair calibre can vary differently from person to person, fine, wispy hair to coarse thick hair, giving very different dimensions, coverage and shadow when placed over the recipient area

When a density figure is suggested many times the higher the number is considered the better, but this a falsehood; the density required is made of various other conditions that then give the density figure necessary

Hair characteristics play an important role in the make-up and result of a hair transplant; the better the hair characteristics can allow for total restoration and cover the surface area of the recipient with the least amount of grafts/follicular units possible

The variant in hair characteristics being taken into consideration can change the planning and graft distribution massively; from one extreme being the individual does not make a good hair transplant candidate to another candidate being able to achieve a “home run” result

This means that varying densities can be placed from one hair transplant patient to another and the ultimate grafts numbers can differ even if the same calculated surface area is treated; making the density not the first calculation to consider when planning

The hair shaft diameter plays a significant role in creating the volume a hair transplant relies on to create the illusion of density. Combined with the natural hair groupings per follicular unit, 1-4 hairs will determine the density required to be placed to achieve a result that blocks the light reflection off the scalp and creates sufficient fullness

Single hair units are placed along the hair line; behind the hair line multiple hair follicular units are placed. The 2, 3, and 4 follicular units are not randomly placed but strategically in areas to create the best thickness. Generally the higher the number of hairs a lower density can be placed


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