Caring For The Donor And Follicular Units With FUE

Although FUE grafts are removed individually they still a need for the FU´s to be cleaned and sometimes trimmed and this should be performed under magnification. This is to ensure the quality of the follicular units and that all are fit to be used

Understanding the direction of the hair as it exits the skin is vital, as is depth control of the punch; as it is impossible to see with the eye FUE is a blind extraction technique; a great understanding of anatomy is required

The angle of the hair will alter dependent on the area of the scalp it is position in, the sides and back of the head; when punching the FU´s the positioning of the hand needs to change to compensate for the change in direction

The direction of the hair as it exits the scalp can differ from how the follicle is directed under the skin; if this is not understood it can lead transecting the follicular unit, best case scenario is the FU is split and the healthy hair count reduced, worst case scenario the FU is worthless due to being divided

The depth the FU sits in the scalp can also alter, some more shallow or deeper than other; in general most individuals there is a small variant in depth around the head but in some cases the depth can alter dramatically, even in the same areas, making depth control of the punch harder to be consistent

FUE relies on a high starting hair density otherwise attempting to reach high numbers can leave the donor looking unnaturally thin; meaning if hair loss progresses FUE may not be a suitable hair transplant technique to use if the hair characteristics are not optimum

The size of the donor area safe zone has to be mapped out; potential future hair loss will reduce the size of the safe zone. Potential miniaturisation and retrograde alopecia will reduce the size of the safe zone

A conservative mapping of the safe zone is logical, especially when treating a low hair loss stage as it is impossible to know how progressive hair loss will become. The density should be measured over various areas around the donor area, around the sides and back

The higher the % of hair (FU´s) removed makes it harder to control the extraction pattern employed and not remove adjacent follicular units to leave unnatural hair-less areas between each remaining FU


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