How Treatment Can Aid Hair Retention And Restoration

With any treatment there can be side-effects, drugs or natural remedies so it is important to be informed of these effects prior to starting

A common side-effect of one well known topical treatment that is FDA approved is the initial shedding of hair in the first months of use; this can obviously cause great concern and alarm if not known can occur

The reason is thought to be due to the treatment changing the hair growth cycle, interrupting the pattern of hair growth and creates a shedding pattern. Over time this does calm down and the shedding pattern returns to normal

As hair loss can be unpredictable so can medications and no specific result can be promised, they need to be used correctly and for a minimum period of around 12 months to judge their effectiveness. Do not expect to lower hair lines or fill in large areas of hair loss, but with realistic expectations hair loss meds can be a viable answer

Genetic hair loss, male or female pattern baldness can be treated to a degree but it will not be able to grow hair back, simply preserve the hair growth and possibly improve on the thickness and calibre, sometimes to great effect

There are a multitude of hair loss treatment programmes available but only 3 are FDA certified to show a benefit in tackling hair loss; it is always important to take professional advice before starting any type of treatment or medicated programme

Also it is important to note that treatments, assuming they have a positive response only works while you are using them; they are not miracle cures for genetic hair loss. Once stopped the hair loss pattern and shedding will continue

In some cases the pattern of hair loss increases rapidly once you stop using the treatment as it gradually reduces the resistance in your body;  a way to reduce this is to gradually reduce the dosage, rather than stopping dead slow down the usage of the treatment over a period of time

Treatment programmes can aid a hair transplant result and the manner in which the doctor plans, designs and decides on the graft distribution; it’s important that the plan is made around either using or not using treatments as this will effect the outcome of the hair restoration result


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