Taking The First Steps In To Surgical Hair Restoration

A personal consultation is obviously the ultimate way to appraise the clinic and gain advice face to face; the doctor can measure your donor hair density under magnification, check for miniaturisation and design the hair line and give a strong estimation as to the achievable coverage graft numbers required

Possibly a personal consultation is not wanted or viable especially when contacting multiple doctors and clinics. An on line consultation can be a fast and efficient method, also in private if you do not wish to reveal yourself at this early stage

When sending pictures make sure they are clear, not too close or too far and are shots from all relevant angles, the face, both sides, top and back of the head. When taking the pictures take in natural daylight, no flash or shadows as this can distort the hair loss pattern and density that can be seen; a good option is to take the pictures outdoors but beware of sun glare

If you do not feel comfortable with a full face picture at least send with the eyebrows showing as this can help to indicate the distance to the hair line

A hair transplant can be a positive life changing procedure, but also without careful planning and research can be a negative experience; although ultimately it is the doctor who performs the procedure there needs to be careful research to ensure all aspects of surgical hair restoration are understood

Give the clinic as much information as possible, your goals, age, medications being used, and family hair loss history as it will help to give as accurate assessment as possible

Part of process of researching hair loss and surgical hair restoration is talking to professionals qualified to give an expert opinion

On receipt of the clinics’ assessments you can start to narrow down the clinics that interest you and meet your goals; having been able to answer questions such as the best technique to use, the approximate graft numbers, the distribution of grafts and density needed to be placed

A consultation which can take the view of an on-line consultation, video consultation or an in person consultation; the more you can make will aid in the decision making process and allow you to have a balanced appraisal of your situation


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