Getting The Hair Line Right

Rebuilding the hair line there are certain natural angles that have to be adhered to in relation to the natural bone structure

The hairline shape is a genetically inherited trait and if inspected from varying parts of the world it is possible to see a natural pattern dependent on genre. In most cases the hairline is nothing particularly noticeable, as it should be

Attention should not be drawn to the hair line, it is there to frame the face and draw attention to the centre of the face, the eyes. As hair loss progresses and the hair line recedes the attention is drawn to the increasing forehead size.

In some men a slight recession of the hair line can look totally natural and still complement their facial bone structure, whereas in others it accentuates the appearance of hair loss. This can result in creative hair styling to camouflage the hair line, combing forward or to one side

If the hair line naturally matures it generally recedes evenly but a receding hair line the temporal angles generally open and the central apex stays relatively low, creating a widows peak. Over time the apex also recedes as the hair loss progresses and detaches from the frontal third

The hair line shape is largely designed according to the shape of the face, or facial bone structure; there are considered to be a number of categorised shapes:

Oblong, Rectangle, Round, Oval, Square, Diamond, Inverted Triangle, Triangle

It is not a good idea to try and cheat nature; if the hair line does not complement the bone structure the framing of the face will look unnatural. And as a receding hair line can look imperfect so can an unnatural shaped hair line

The placement of the hair line apex above the eyebrow, the frontal bone position, the position of the temporal recession in relation to the corner of the eye and the angle the hair line moves down the sides of the head to meet the sideburns must complement the individuals bone structure


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