Poor Hair Transplant Results Require Planning And Understanding

Often a hair transplant repair has to be planned over multiple procedures, especially if the donor area has been seriously impaired and restricts the graft numbers that can be safely harvested in each procedure

Dependent on the severity of the initial procedure is may be possible to repair many or all areas and achieve a totally natural looking result and improving the donor area if and when future hair transplants are required

An individual who has gone through a bad experience is understandable cautious before getting back into the chair; but they must also understand that a hair transplant has limitations and clear priorities need to be made

Prioritise areas of cosmetic importance in the recipient area to treat as it is unlikely all areas can be treated at once, so each hair transplant needs to focus on maximising how natural the hair growth, coverage and density appear

The individual needs to understand there are often limitations and as much as it may be hard to live with it is a reality and the end result may not be what the individual first visualised but the priority must be to create as natural look as possible with the limited resources available

In many repair cases the best results can be achieved combining both techniques, FUT and FUE. Combing the techniques opens the possibility to reduce visible scarring and increase the graft numbers attainable in a single procedure

A hair transplant repair requires added skills by the doctor; often there is scarring in the recipient area and this can impair the placement and regrowth of new hair; also poorly angled grafts will need to be removed or camouflaged

All due care must be taken as the trauma and anxiety of a repair patient is high; why a solid education, balanced expectations are required and dialogue between doctor and patient.

A hair transplant repair patient should take their time when researching, also to keep an open mind as to what can be achieved from the repair surgery and how long it may take. At this stage it is important no more mistakes are made


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