An Educated Donor Protocol

Although today many have a preferred technique in mind it is always important to access the individuals’ goals against what is technically possible to achieve from each technique

The donor hair is finite and can only reduce after each procedure so the technique used is not by design but necessity to sustain hair restoration over time

FUE though requires a wide surface to harvest from, in lower hair loss patterns the donor area safe zone can be hard to determine therefore a conservative approach should be taken as to how high in the donor the grafts are removed

FUT can harvest from a relatively small area, the hair rich occipital area of the donor, FUT leaves a fine strip scar that hair regrows through to help camouflage further and allows for short haircuts just long enough to cover the line

With FUE as long as an educated pattern of extraction is made, spreading the extraction points around the donor very little change can be seen and very little density lost to the overall surface area of the donor

As the density of hair reduces after every procedure with FUE the higher the numbers required start to become harder to realise without leaving obvious areas of thinned out hair density or potentially more obvious scarring

With good hair and skin characteristics, reaching 5-7000 grafts with FUT in one procedure is becoming more common in a single operation

This is achievable with FUE under the right circumstances but normally slowly, requiring multiple procedures with ideally a twelve month gap between each operation

Repair patients can have multiple priorities to address and the donor area is almost always impaired with multiple scarring from previous procedures; removing a strip can englobe much of the old scarring and leave a single linear scar and FUE harvest in untouched virgin areas to further increase the graft count

This can make a huge difference to a repair patient, graft numbers are paramount and often depleted and in short supply so to be able to maximise the numbers in a single procedure can make the difference between a successful repair and not

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